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Raw Materials (Rubber) Selector

PROPERTIES Natural Rubber SBR Silicone Neoprene* EPDM
HARDNESS RANGE, IRHD 30 - 90 40 - 90 30 - 80 30 - 85 30 - 90
TENSILE STRENGTH, MPa 21 14 7 14 14
ABRASION Excellent Good Poor Good Good
COMPRESSION SET Good Good Good Fair to Good Good
TEAR Good to V/Good Fair Poor Good Fair to Good
FLAME Poor Poor Good Good Poor
GAS PERMEABILITY Fairly Low Fairly Low Low Low Low
ELECTRICAL INSULATION Good to V/Good Good to V/Good Excellent Fair to Good Excellent
ACIDS Dilute Fair to Good Fair to Good Good Good Excellent
Concentrated Fair to Good Fair to Good Fair Good Excellent
SOLVENTS Aliphatic hydrocarbons Poor Poor Poor Fair to Good Poor
Aromatic hydrocarbons Poor Poor Poor Fair Poor
Oxygenated ( Ketones, etc) Fair Fair Fair Poor Good to V/Good
OTHER MEDIA Lubricating oil Poor Poor Fair Good Poor
Oil and petrol Poor Poor Fair Fair Poor
Animal and vegetable oils  Fair Fair Good Good Good
Water V/Good Good Good Good Excellent
Ozone Poor Poor Excellent V/Good Excellent
Oxidation Fair Fair Excellent V/Good V/Good
Weathering Fair Fair Excellent V/Good Excellent
Max Intermittent deg C 90 100 260 120 125
Max continuous deg C 80 90 210 100 100
Minimum deg C -40 -40 -60 -40 -50
MAIN FEATURE : Outstanding General High and Low Weathering Chemicals
Mechanical Purpose Temperature Flame Water and Steam
Properties Resistance Resistance Resistance


General Properties
Density(g/cm3, 23°C) 0.91-0.94 0.95-0.96 1.08-1.19 1.15-1.28 0.9-1.3
Water Absorption NA NA 1-9 NA NA
Thermal Properties
Vicat Softening Point(°C) 70-110 120-130 NA NA NA
Low Temperature Brittleness(°C)  -20 - -70  -60 - -80 NA NA NA
Service Temperature 
Minimum(°C) -30 -60 -40 -30 -25
Maximum(continuous/intermittent)(°C) 50/60 60/90 80/160 50/70 100/110
Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength at yield(Mpa)  5-20 20-35 45-95 5-20 15-35
Elongatioin at break(%) 50-650 300-1000 5-150 250-450 50-600
Flexural modulus(Mpa) 90-300 900-1650 2000-3000 2-15 1000-3900
Flammability Propertites
Oxygen Index 15-17 15-17 22-32 25-40 17-29
Flammability rating UL 94-HB UL 94-HB UL 94-HB -V0 UL 94-HB -V0 UL 94-HB -V0
Chemical Properties
Resistance to Weak Acids/Strong Acids Fair Good/Bad Bad/Bad Good/Bad Good/Bad
Resistance to Weak Alkalis/Strong Alkalis Good/Good Good/Good Fair/Bad Good/Bad Good/Bad
Resistance to Organic Solvents Good below 60°C Good below 80°C Good Bad Good below 80°C
Resistance to Oils and Greases Attacked by some Attacked by some Good Bad Bad
Resistance to UV Bad if unprotected Bad if unprotected Fair Good  Good 
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